laura - twenty one - north dakota. you probably know me as sugarrkissed, welcome to my personal photo blog. :) i started this blog simply to share some cute things with you guys and keep tumblr interesting with new photos! i don't claim to be any kind of amazing photographer but i hope you like it. :)
Anonymous: Won't you regret the tattoo later. In a future job. Will it look professional 

i’m twentyone years old, i have a job…

1 day ago

life-qu4rd: what was your tattoo before you covered it? 

it said one step closer in BIG black letters. seriously i’m amazed at the cover up job! you can’t even tell

1 week ago

Anonymous: Do you have an Instagram account so I can credit your pictures if I put any of them on a quality account on i.g? I'll credit it to your tumblr but if you have an Instagram account I can credit it to that too :) Great blog by the way! 

Nope i dont :) and thank u!

1 week ago

it’s peeling, gonna take a better pic when it’s healed but i just couldn’t wait. i am SO obsessed with my new ink. you would never know this is a cover up tattoo!!! so worth the 3 hours of pain.
tumblr destroyed the quality but this shirt is cute